About Me

Yeah! First post! Well then, let start in beauty with a little review about ... ME! This is the little way I found to startup the engines and doing a little presentation about myself.
Me as a student My nick name is Kawazoe Masahiro and I will be the prime reviewer on this blog. I'm a second year college student at the «Cégep de Saint-Jérôme» in Québec. I study in a software programming class where the main language is C++. We also do some PHP and Java programming.
Me as a worker My current job is to develop all-in-one software/hardware solution for people and enterprises. This is a little project that I started with a friend of mine and we hope it get pretty big one day. We take a look at a persons needs and built the hardware and software if it's necessary. By doing this job, I have to play with many old, new and future product so the review thing came in my mind.
Me as a technology addict As I just said, I get to play with many software and hardware at work but I do at home too. I use Macs and PCs and, I must admit, I fall it what we call the fanboy category. I'm a tech fanboy. I will not get the latest Apple computer or HP computer that got out without any reasons.
Philosophy I don't bother paying for quality. If I can get a quality product/service by paying for it, I will pay for it. I'm not the kind of guy who will first look at the price of something. I prefer to look at what it can do for me and then make my way to get it.
That's about it As you might already found out, English is not my native language so if you found out some grammar or misspelling error in a review, don't be shy and report it. It will be my pleasure to make the correction.
I'm currently the only writer for this blog but I don't think I will be this way forever. People might be interested in reviewing product that they own or do not own, if they have enough information to do so. So there is how I'll make this thing work :
  • You might ask to become a writer.
  • You might write a review, email it to me and I'll post it on the blog with your name on it.
  • You might request/suggest a review.
  • You might ask various question related to technology.
You might do so by using :
I'll try to write about a review a week since my study take most of my time. I hope I'll find out a way to keep you informed on the product you might be interested in.